FootGolf Is Now at Whiteford Valley Golf Club

FootGolf Is Now at Whiteford Valley Golf Club

This club is situated two miles from Toledo to the North and Michigan state-line. It is famously known as Ottawa Lake Golf Club. It is beautifully designed with picturesque which are three in number. It is so designed to attract and cater for all levels of players.

It has happened that for several decades, all skill-level duffers have been challenged in Whiteford Valley Golf Club. This has been occurring across the three courses structured, but not to putters and wood-wielders. These three courses include; North-course, East-course and West-course.

The east-course is the one that houses the tunnels for the foot-golf course. The north-course on the other hand rolls through water hazards, a hilly and tree covered terrain. The west-course consists of trees in lines which appear to be very dense.

In addition, a footgolf course of 18-hole is offered, with guidelines for players. These players are expected to throw the soccer-ball directly into a big hole, following the golf strictures. Surprisingly, the players receive refreshments such as snacks for motivation.

FootGolf Is Now at Whiteford Valley Golf ClubThe 18-hole course of footGolf is currently consisting of the 18 footgolf and 45 regular, a total of 63 holes. Therefore, both beginners and experts are welcome since there are enough facilities to accommodate all. Not only do they cater for players but also for others, whereby there is a bar and restaurant.

Footgolf which is typically a hybrid of soccer and golf derived its name from the two games. The players therefore are expected to kick the soccer-ball all through the 18 holes. This is done in trying to make the ball sink into holes of 21 inches.
There are regulations concerning footgolf for players to abide to. The players are expected to give a kickoff right from the tee. Afterwards, they dribble the same ball around water-hazards, trees and bunkers.

Moreover, there is a clubhouse and entertainment-pavilion, large enough to accommodate as many as 720 people. Also, the 45 regular holes make it possible for several different events to be held concurrently.

Also, in this club there exist PGA experts who are ready to guide the players on the next steps to take. It is much fun to engage in footgolf during such events as outings or birthday parties. Therefore, in this club players are encouraged to examine their skills.

Many players have reported to have received satisfaction for their passion for footgolf. They see it as a result of the friendly facilities affordable fee. Clients therefore, after getting done with their round of golf immediately book for another round.

The Whiteford Valley Golf Club has a special shop containing high quality assortment. The assortment is of the latest golf gear. Additionally, they allow various membership types as per their budgets and also their specific needs.

The Whiteford Valley Golf Club is rated highly by almost all the guests who happened to be there. Fortunately, as a result of the conducive amenities and environment, many of these people have made several visits. Majority of these guests being foot-golf players, they have reported to have improved in their skills.

Welcome to Whiteford Valley Golf Course!

Welcome to Whiteford Valley Golf Course!

Whiteford Valley Golf Club is one of the golf clubs in the United States that is dedicated to make the golf as a sport accessible to as many as are interested in it in its locality. The club does it by making its rates affordable enough for the ordinary person to afford. Over and above regular golf, Whiteford Valley also has permanent facilities for footgolf.

This open mindedness shows a cognizance that the sport is evolving and producing other branches that must be embraced for the survival, not only of footgolf but also regular golf as footgolf helps maintain facilities.


This club is located at Ottawa Lake in the state of Michigan. Its street address is 7980 Beck Road.


The course has a total of 63 holes. 45 of these holes are for regular golf while the remining 18 are for footgolf. The club also has a golf shop in which golf equipment is sold at an affordable rate. The equipment sold is for both regular golf and footgolf. Care is always taken to ensure that stock in this shop is both professional and current.

To ensure that rookies enjoy the game once they are introduced to it, the club has resident professional golfers who train players with the aim of sharpening their skills. The objective of the training is to ensure that the player becomes the best they can be. Those who can go professional are prepared for that opportunity while those who are content to play for fun are prepared to play the game and have fun while doing it.

Learning golf is not always easy for everyone, to ordinary trainers, it might appear frustrating and the frustration might end up being projected on the trainee. The trainers at Whiteford are professional and they allow trainees to enjoy the training.


The adoption of footgolf as a regular part of Whiteford Valley Golf Club services has allowed people who prefer a small twist to the traditional game an opportunity to play. The nine hole footgolf course can be played within the same amount of time as an eighteen-hole golf course. The reason for this is that the golf ball covers a much longer distance when compared to a soccer ball that has been kicked.

Not all golfers are enthusiastic about foot golf and they may want to know where there is interaction between the two sports. Interaction between the two sports is also a safety concern as footgolf players may interact with the golf balls in an unsafe manner. The layout at the golf club is such that players of the two sports never come into contact even if they are in the same club using the same facility.

Charges for footgolf are $15 for eighteen holes and $10 for 12 holes and below. Players are required to bring their own balls. Failure to bring a ball means that the player will have to buy or rent from the golf shop in the club. In case a player would like to use a golf cart, they have to pay some extra amount. Playing eighteen holes with a cart sets back the player $21.


The tee time for both traditional and footgolf at Whiteford Valley are set in a schedule. It is therefore important for players to know the times in advance so as to make arrangements to be at the course in time for a specific tee.

What Is Footgolf?

What Is Footgolf

Footgolf is a sport that combines aspects of golf and aspects of golf as per the name. The objective of the game is to kick a ball into a hole. Like golf, the game combines precision and power to achieve the players objective. The foot part makes it more related to soccer than any other of the related sports.


The game of footgolf has been played under different names in many different countries. In the United States, the game was played as code ball in the 1920s but its popularity fizzled out soon after. Different variations of the game were played in the Scandinavian countries in the 1980s. It was not until the 1990s that the game was organized to the state it is currently.

Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten are credited for creating the game and its rules as they apply at the moment. Their development was accepted as the standard and the game is played the way they designed it all over the world. It is them who created the game uniforms and the other features that are needed to make any sport a respectable sport.

The two pioneers are also the ones who organized the first international footgolf competition. In this competition, players from the Netherlands and Belgium were involved. It was after this tournament that other countries started organizing their own tournaments. Initially, the game used to be played in parks before it started being played on golf courses.


What Is FootgolfCurrently, at the international level, footgolf is managed by the Federation for International Footgolf (FIFG). Different countries have formed their own federations through which they manage the sport in their countries. The game is usually played by single competitors against each other or by teams. This game is played by both men and women and play is conducted in the outdoors in courses that are similar to golf courses. The, game, at the moment has not been included in the list of Olympic or Paralympic games.


Generally, the rules and lingo in footgolf are similar to those in golf. There are few differences between the games. Since each shot of a golf ball travels faster than a shot of footgolf, the distance from the tee box to the hole is shorter. The first shot, however, must be kicked from the tee box just like the case with golf. There are obstacles in the game that have to be passed or avoided so as to reach the objective. These include water and trees. Ultimately the person who is able to navigate the course and reach the 21 course using the fewest shots is declared the winner.


One of the main advantages of footgolf over golf is that it does not require expensive equipment. There are no golf clubs and bags required and neither is there need for golf balls. The standard ball for footgolf is the number five soccer ball. Since the game is played on golf courses. It is required that the standard golf course dress code applies. Thus, the golf cap and tee shirts are worn by players. Because wearing of long trousers is untenable for kicking, the players are allowed to put on shorts. Indoor football boots are also used by players to enable kicking.


One of the factors that have led to popularity of the game is the fact that golf began losing popularity among the youth at around the same time footgolf became popular. Golf clubs started to market the game to increase bookings and stay afloat.

The Most Prestigious Golf Tournaments

The Most Prestigious Golf Tournaments

As the years pass by, individuals are increasingly developing interest in golf. As a result, this has increased the professional golf tours and tournaments across the world. Both men and women golfers are being involved in different tournaments in golf.

What are the Most Prestigious Golf Tournaments?

From sporting and even financial perspectives, different golf tournaments vary significantly. They have different ratings and even standpoints which make them attract different golfers every time that they are being held. The following are some of the most prestigious tournaments in golf based on their standpoints:

1) Professional Circuit Golf Tournaments

Up to today, the Professional Golf Association Tour (PGA Tour) remains the best and the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. It attracts men golfers from different parts of the world every year. The tournament is held in different parts of the United States.

Secondly, the PGA European Tour stands a chance to share the same reputation as the American PGA Tour. It also attracts different golfers though most of them come from Europe. Thirdly, the Saint-Omer Open and also the French Open National Tournament holds the same prestige.

On the other hand, Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), Ladies European Tour, Evian Masters, and French Open are the most prestigious women tournaments. The LPGA holds the highest rate just like the men’s PGA tour. It is also held in the US.

2) Individual Golf Tournaments

Currently, there are four men’s and four women’s major golf tournaments that are famously known in the world. First, the men’s most prestigious golf tournaments are the “major championships.

These championships are also referred to as “the majors. They include the Masters, the PGA Championships, the US Open, and also the British Open. These tournaments are highly rated and they only welcome invited golfers from different parts of the world.

Secondly, for the women, there are also four most prestigious individual golf tournaments which are most popular in the world. These tournaments include the Kraft Nabisco Championships, the Women’s British Open, LGA Championship, and the US Open. The Women’s British Open makes the most famous tournament across the world and across Europe and America.

The Most Prestigious Golf Tournaments

3) Prestigious Team Tournaments

These are the tournaments which do not involve individual golfers. Instead, they involve a team of golfers from a similar country or region. The team tournaments have an early history with most of them dating from early 20th century.

One of the team tournaments is the Ryder Cup. It is managed by PGA and also the PGA Europe. The first Ryder Cup tournament was held in 1927 between the American and British teams of golf players.
Throughout the years, Americans dominated in the tournament until later on in 1970s when the British and the Irish golf teams decided to break the myth in 1973 and 1979 respectively. This tournament takes place once in every two years.

Normally, the tournament is held in America or in any country in Europe. France looks in to host the tournament in the coming year 2018. Other team tournaments which are popular across the world include Solheim Cup and the President’s Cup.


The American game remains to be the most popular and most successful in the world of golf. For that reason, many different prestigious golf tournaments have always been held in US. Also, the International Olympic Committee resumed to the Olympics in 2016 after its absence since 1904. The tournament will join the current prestigious golf tournaments in the world.

Tips for Using a Laser Golf Rangefinder

Tips for Using a Laser Golf Rangefinder

A laser golf rangefinder is used to determine the distances in a golf course. It measures the distance to an object through sending laser pulse in the form of a narrow beam. The time taken for the pulse to reach the object is used to calculate the distance to the object.

What are the Essential Tips in Using a Laser Golf Rangefinder?

The rangefinder requires steadiness while using it in order to get the correct measurements. Thus, one may require to rely on practice and to deploy essential tips that are useful in using the laser golf rangefinder. The following are some of these tips:

1) Determine the Purpose

Check the reason why you need a laser golf rangefinder in your game or practice. In golfing, you may use the rangefinder for several purposes such as determining the location of the hazards, tee, greens, bunkers, and the flagsticks. Then, proceed to practice using the laser rangefinder with these purposes in mind.

2) Make Use of Video Tutorials

There are numerous laser rangefinder videos in the YouTube and other platforms. The videos can be used by both amateur and professional laser rangefinder users. The video tutorials can be a source of knowledge on how to operate and adjust the device for various views and distance determination.

Tips for Using a Laser Golf Rangefinder3) Try Various Techniques

The laser rangefinder comes with numerous technology techniques that have been converged in one device. Try different techniques in order to make use of this technology. Check the ranging button, the reticle in the display, and the possibility of reaching the bunker. By adjusting the ranging button to an appropriate view on the reticle, you will be able to prevent error while viewing the hills or the bunker.

4) Make Large Targets

Targets may vary from 50-100 yards. The target may be set from the house or even in the neighborhood. Through taking the target, the laser rangefinder will easily display the distances to the targets.

5) Practice on the Pins that are Close

With your laser rangefinder at the range, you can easily practice shooting at the flags. This will require you to start shooting practice with the flags that are close to you. Proceed until you get to the right distance for practice. By practicing on the pins, you need to set your target as the flag. This will enhance you to easily view it with your laser range finder. The driving ranges that have flags normally indicate the distance to the flags. Thus, it makes it easy for you to set your target.

6) Know Your Location More

Despite having masterly skills with your laser rangefinder, knowledge of your location is very essential. For instance, where the laser rangefinder reads 98 yards on your five yards before the 150 marker, it is essential to try and laser your target a second time.


There are numerous brands of laser golf rangefinders in the market. Thus, you may need to closely check on the manufacturer’s manual and guidelines before using your laser rangefinder. You may also check the manufacturer’s instructions and video tutorials over the internet for more tips on how to use your specific device. This will enhance you to get the best of every aspect of your device while at the golf course.

7 Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

With smartphones and devices such as iPhones and apple watches increasingly becoming common among the golfers, it is essential to ensure that you maximally benefit from them in your game. This can only be made possible by trying some of the hottest golf apps that are currently in the AppStores.

What are the Gold Apps the Every Player Should Try?

Golf apps help players to follow rules applied in golf, record scores and golf statistics, and to record the swing motion and ability. Also, the apps provide guiding tips and instructions which are essential in play. Among the most effective and easy-to-use apps include:

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

1) WGT Golf Lite

The app is free and available in different Appstores. It provides you with a playing platform that has all the essentials of a golf club and lethal opponents to improve your skills and touches in golfing.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

2) SwingSmart

The app can be purchased over the App Store at $249. It provides the best tips and instructions for the most perfect golf swing. The app also comes with teacher’s video tips, ways to make common golf mistakes, and golf analysis. With your iPhone or iPad, you can easily download and use this app.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

3) My Pro To Go

This app is free and compatible with different smartphones. It can aid you in filming your swing from different angles such as from the back or sideways. The app has a certified instructor and interactive follow-up schedules to keep you going on with your practice. However, intensive lessons are worth $39 for a start.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

4) Golfshot: Golf GPS

This app can be accessed through It comes with a price of $29.99. The app lets you access maps of different golf courses from a clear aerial view which is supplied by Bing or Google. Thus, you can easily view the tee or the green at any course with ease. This will help you to make detailed shots that will hit your targets.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

5) Swing by Swing Golf GPS Rangefinder

The app has information about over 34,000 golf courses across the world. It is widely used by many golfers to learn about the greens, tee, and the dead-on distances at different golf courses. The app is also essential in providing a player with playing statistics and in rating the opponents. It is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone devices. It also requires you to conduct an update worth $14 on yearly basis in order to access the updated information about golf.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

6) Visulax Golf

Although it has to be purchased, the app only comes at a cost of $4.99. It is effective in providing you with detailed information about visualization and relaxation skills. It also offers course-management guidelines. The app helps you to make daily schedules for practice while it also updates you on the golf tournament calendar and dates.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

7) PGA Tour Mobile

The app has real time leader boards, profiles for different golfers, and golf videos. The app also provides you with information about live stats, players ratings, and access to live PGA Tour events. It also comes with PGA News and Notifications to keep you updated all through.


Currently enthusiasm in golf is increasingly growing in many regions and among many individuals in the world. This has increased the essence of having unique and high profile skills in the game. With the current golf apps, you can easily access tips, information, instructions, and guidelines to keep you in line as a prolific golfer.

What Do You Need to Create a Golf Simulator Studio?

A golf simulator studio brings the aspects of the golf course at your own house. Thus, you can be able to practice your game at your most convenient time after work or during your free time. The golf simulator studio can increase your skills and interest in golfing even without necessarily visiting the course.

The Requirements of a Golf Simulator Studio

A golf simulator increases your experience in swinging and making targets. Also, it transfers the fun of golfing from the course to your house for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy during your free hours. The following are some of the requirements that you need in order to raise your own studio:

1) An Indoor Golf Simulator

The indoor golf simulator determines your play in relation to the features of a normal golf course. It is an entertainment key requirement of a golf simulator studio which turns the small room activity into a huge activity with reality and experience.

The indoor golf similar shows you the distances to the hazards, tee, and the greens in your small area of play. This makes your practice real and even more effective. You can easily set your targets and also analyze your performance.

Golf Simulator Studio2) A Practice Golf-Hitting Mat

A practice golf-hitting mat provides a smooth ground for hitting the ball and for the ball to roll over. While selecting a golf-hitting mat, you should go for that one which can comfortably hold the wooden or plastic tee for easy ball placement and hitting.

A golf-hitting mat with enough thick fibers provides an essential playing platform. The fibers prevent the golf stick from hitting the floor in case you miss while hitting the ball. A 4 x 5 in size golf-hitting mat can provide a wide area for playing while sparing some place for other items in your golf simulator studio.

3) A Golf Practice Net

A golf practice net is an essential component in your home studio. It controls the movement of the ball while also collecting and preventing it from rolling away. The net pushes the ball backwards after hitting it into it.

Thus, you do not need to keep on going for the ball every time you hit it. With a wide net, you can have a maximum area for different golf practices. Make sure that you carry all the golf net accessories with you after purchasing it. These include portability bag, aluminum poles, and stakes.

4) An Indoor Putting Green

The indoor putting green is a green thick mat that is installed in the golf simulator studio for setting targets and ball hitting. It is designed with features such as cups to aim at, sand traps, and a lane to catch the missed shots. The indoor putting green can be designed in a way that it will fit the golf simulator studio well. This creates a large space for playing.


A golf simulator studio is the best way to ensure convenient golf playing even when one is unable to visit the golf course. It brings the features of a golf course at your own home for you to practice playing at any time. With the above cheap-to-buy materials you can be able to create your own golf simulator studio at home.