FootGolf Is Now at Whiteford Valley Golf Club

This club is situated two miles from Toledo to the North and Michigan state-line. It is famously known as Ottawa Lake Golf Club. It is beautifully designed with picturesque which are three in number. It is so designed to attract and cater for all levels of players.

It has happened that for several decades, all skill-level duffers have been challenged in Whiteford Valley Golf Club. This has been occurring across the three courses structured, but not to putters and wood-wielders. These three courses include; North-course, East-course and West-course.

The east-course is the one that houses the tunnels for the foot-golf course. The north-course on the other hand rolls through water hazards, a hilly and tree covered terrain. The west-course consists of trees in lines which appear to be very dense.

In addition, a footgolf course of 18-hole is offered, with guidelines for players. These players are expected to throw the soccer-ball directly into a big hole, following the golf strictures. Surprisingly, the players receive refreshments such as snacks for motivation.

FootGolf Is Now at Whiteford Valley Golf ClubThe 18-hole course of footGolf is currently consisting of the 18 footgolf and 45 regular, a total of 63 holes. Therefore, both beginners and experts are welcome since there are enough facilities to accommodate all. Not only do they cater for players but also for others, whereby there is a bar and restaurant.

Footgolf which is typically a hybrid of soccer and golf derived its name from the two games. The players therefore are expected to kick the soccer-ball all through the 18 holes. This is done in trying to make the ball sink into holes of 21 inches.
There are regulations concerning footgolf for players to abide to. The players are expected to give a kickoff right from the tee. Afterwards, they dribble the same ball around water-hazards, trees and bunkers.

Moreover, there is a clubhouse and entertainment-pavilion, large enough to accommodate as many as 720 people. Also, the 45 regular holes make it possible for several different events to be held concurrently.

Also, in this club there exist PGA experts who are ready to guide the players on the next steps to take. It is much fun to engage in footgolf during such events as outings or birthday parties. Therefore, in this club players are encouraged to examine their skills.

Many players have reported to have received satisfaction for their passion for footgolf. They see it as a result of the friendly facilities affordable fee. Clients therefore, after getting done with their round of golf immediately book for another round.

The Whiteford Valley Golf Club has a special shop containing high quality assortment. The assortment is of the latest golf gear. Additionally, they allow various membership types as per their budgets and also their specific needs.

The Whiteford Valley Golf Club is rated highly by almost all the guests who happened to be there. Fortunately, as a result of the conducive amenities and environment, many of these people have made several visits. Majority of these guests being foot-golf players, they have reported to have improved in their skills.

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