Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

With smartphones and devices such as iPhones and apple watches increasingly becoming common among the golfers, it is essential to ensure that you maximally benefit from them in your game. This can only be made possible by trying some of the hottest golf apps that are currently in the AppStores.

What are the Gold Apps the Every Player Should Try?

Golf apps help players to follow rules applied in golf, record scores and golf statistics, and to record the swing motion and ability. Also, the apps provide guiding tips and instructions which are essential in play. Among the most effective and easy-to-use apps include:

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

1) WGT Golf Lite

The app is free and available in different Appstores. It provides you with a playing platform that has all the essentials of a golf club and lethal opponents to improve your skills and touches in golfing.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

2) SwingSmart

The app can be purchased over the App Store at $249. It provides the best tips and instructions for the most perfect golf swing. The app also comes with teacher’s video tips, ways to make common golf mistakes, and golf analysis. With your iPhone or iPad, you can easily download and use this app.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

3) My Pro To Go

This app is free and compatible with different smartphones. It can aid you in filming your swing from different angles such as from the back or sideways. The app has a certified instructor and interactive follow-up schedules to keep you going on with your practice. However, intensive lessons are worth $39 for a start.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

4) Golfshot: Golf GPS

This app can be accessed through It comes with a price of $29.99. The app lets you access maps of different golf courses from a clear aerial view which is supplied by Bing or Google. Thus, you can easily view the tee or the green at any course with ease. This will help you to make detailed shots that will hit your targets.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

5) Swing by Swing Golf GPS Rangefinder

The app has information about over 34,000 golf courses across the world. It is widely used by many golfers to learn about the greens, tee, and the dead-on distances at different golf courses. The app is also essential in providing a player with playing statistics and in rating the opponents. It is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone devices. It also requires you to conduct an update worth $14 on yearly basis in order to access the updated information about golf.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

6) Visulax Golf

Although it has to be purchased, the app only comes at a cost of $4.99. It is effective in providing you with detailed information about visualization and relaxation skills. It also offers course-management guidelines. The app helps you to make daily schedules for practice while it also updates you on the golf tournament calendar and dates.

Golf Apps Every Player Should Try

7) PGA Tour Mobile

The app has real time leader boards, profiles for different golfers, and golf videos. The app also provides you with information about live stats, players ratings, and access to live PGA Tour events. It also comes with PGA News and Notifications to keep you updated all through.


Currently enthusiasm in golf is increasingly growing in many regions and among many individuals in the world. This has increased the essence of having unique and high profile skills in the game. With the current golf apps, you can easily access tips, information, instructions, and guidelines to keep you in line as a prolific golfer.

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