Tips for Using a Laser Golf Rangefinder

A laser golf rangefinder is used to determine the distances in a golf course. It measures the distance to an object through sending laser pulse in the form of a narrow beam. The time taken for the pulse to reach the object is used to calculate the distance to the object.

What are the Essential Tips in Using a Laser Golf Rangefinder?

The rangefinder requires steadiness while using it in order to get the correct measurements. Thus, one may require to rely on practice and to deploy essential tips that are useful in using the laser golf rangefinder. The following are some of these tips:

1) Determine the Purpose

Check the reason why you need a laser golf rangefinder in your game or practice, you can read a guide online here for more information. In golfing, you may use the rangefinder for several purposes such as determining the location of the hazards, tee, greens, bunkers, and the flagsticks. Then, proceed to practice using the laser rangefinder with these purposes in mind.

2) Make Use of Video Tutorials

There are numerous laser rangefinder videos in the YouTube and other platforms. The videos can be used by both amateur and professional laser rangefinder users. The video tutorials can be a source of knowledge on how to operate and adjust the device for various views and distance determination.

Tips for Using a Laser Golf Rangefinder3) Try Various Techniques

The laser rangefinder comes with numerous technology techniques that have been converged in one device. Try different techniques in order to make use of this technology. Check the ranging button, the reticle in the display, and the possibility of reaching the bunker. By adjusting the ranging button to an appropriate view on the reticle, you will be able to prevent error while viewing the hills or the bunker.

4) Make Large Targets

Targets may vary from 50-100 yards. The target may be set from the house or even in the neighborhood. Through taking the target, the laser rangefinder will easily display the distances to the targets.

5) Practice on the Pins that are Close

With your laser rangefinder at the range, you can easily practice shooting at the flags. This will require you to start shooting practice with the flags that are close to you. Proceed until you get to the right distance for practice. By practicing on the pins, you need to set your target as the flag. This will enhance you to easily view it with your laser range finder. The driving ranges that have flags normally indicate the distance to the flags. Thus, it makes it easy for you to set your target.

6) Know Your Location More

Despite having masterly skills with your laser rangefinder, knowledge of your location is very essential. For instance, where the laser rangefinder reads 98 yards on your five yards before the 150 marker, it is essential to try and laser your target a second time.


There are numerous brands of laser golf rangefinders in the market. Thus, you may need to closely check on the manufacturer’s manual and guidelines before using your laser rangefinder. You may also check the manufacturer’s instructions and video tutorials over the internet for more tips on how to use your specific device. This will enhance you to get the best of every aspect of your device while at the golf course.

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