Welcome to Whiteford Valley Golf Course!

Whiteford Valley Golf Club is one of the golf clubs in the United States that is dedicated to make the golf as a sport accessible to as many as are interested in it in its locality. The club does it by making its rates affordable enough for the ordinary person to afford. Over and above regular golf, Whiteford Valley also has permanent facilities for footgolf.

This open mindedness shows a cognizance that the sport is evolving and producing other branches that must be embraced for the survival, not only of footgolf but also regular golf as footgolf helps maintain facilities.


This club is located at Ottawa Lake in the state of Michigan. Its street address is 7980 Beck Road.


The course has a total of 63 holes. 45 of these holes are for regular golf while the remining 18 are for footgolf. The club also has a golf shop in which golf equipment is sold at an affordable rate. The equipment sold is for both regular golf and footgolf. Care is always taken to ensure that stock in this shop is both professional and current.

To ensure that rookies enjoy the game once they are introduced to it, the club has resident professional golfers who train players with the aim of sharpening their skills. The objective of the training is to ensure that the player becomes the best they can be. Those who can go professional are prepared for that opportunity while those who are content to play for fun are prepared to play the game and have fun while doing it.

Learning golf is not always easy for everyone, to ordinary trainers, it might appear frustrating and the frustration might end up being projected on the trainee. The trainers at Whiteford are professional and they allow trainees to enjoy the training.


The adoption of footgolf as a regular part of Whiteford Valley Golf Club services has allowed people who prefer a small twist to the traditional game an opportunity to play. The nine hole footgolf course can be played within the same amount of time as an eighteen-hole golf course. The reason for this is that the golf ball covers a much longer distance when compared to a soccer ball that has been kicked.

Not all golfers are enthusiastic about foot golf and they may want to know where there is interaction between the two sports. Interaction between the two sports is also a safety concern as footgolf players may interact with the golf balls in an unsafe manner. The layout at the golf club is such that players of the two sports never come into contact even if they are in the same club using the same facility.

Charges for footgolf are $15 for eighteen holes and $10 for 12 holes and below. Players are required to bring their own balls. Failure to bring a ball means that the player will have to buy or rent from the golf shop in the club. In case a player would like to use a golf cart, they have to pay some extra amount. Playing eighteen holes with a cart sets back the player $21.


The tee time for both traditional and footgolf at Whiteford Valley are set in a schedule. It is therefore important for players to know the times in advance so as to make arrangements to be at the course in time for a specific tee.

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